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Indication :

In Cattle:
-Induction of luteolysis allowing the triggering of estrus and ovulation in cycled females during use during dioestrus.
– Synchronization (over a period of 2 to 5 days) of estrus in groups of cycled females treated simultaneously.
-Treatment of subestrus and uterine disorders due to a functional or persistent corpus luteum (endometritis, pyometra).
– Treatment of luteinic cysts.
– Induction of abortion up to 150 days of gestation.
– Elimination of mummified fetuses.
– Induction of parturition.

– Induction of luteolysis.
– Treatment of persistent dioestrus.
– Treatment of pseudo-gestation.
– Treatment of lactation anestrus.
– Induction of esttral cycles (sterile mares, fillies).

– Synchronization of estrus.

Active Ingredients:

Each 1 ml contains:
Cloprostenol Sodium 263 mcg
equivalent to 250 mcg Cloprostenol base.)